Sayangggg,even though everyday we talk on the phone,
I still wanna say this here, specially for you.
So here it goes!  I just wanna say that i love you so much.
Every second, minute, day, week, month and years!
I can't wait for us to be together.
Seriously, you won my heart anje!
You amazingly and succesfully made me addicted to you,Hehe.
Sayang, you do know that my heart is just for you right?
and for that,
I hope you feel the same too.
Sayang, I may not be perfect, beautiful, intelligent,
kind-hearted and what not.
But as far as I'm concern, i'm being me when i'm with you
and i'm trying to be the best for you till the end of time.
Lets hope that this love lasts forever k? 
Sayang, i love you !

Lady faizal,