( 8.05pm )

Dear myself. remember to breathe, dream, laugh, and love. don't take anything for granted. everything happens for a reason. good things come with time. work on your anxiety every day. things get better, maybe things will be much better by then. smile. let people know it's okay to be happy. work out once a day. eat healthy. inhale, now exhale, do it a few times. go outside, go for a run, let the breeze blow your hair back. dream harder than you ever have, remember dreaming keeps you sane. follow your dreams, interpret them. laugh. laugh every day, laugh at the little things. the things you would usually get pissed off at. and finally love. love with all of your heart. let go of the things that hurt you, and let yourself be complete. your beautiful, you have came a long way. <3

With love,

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