Kerana EMAIL

To Ahmad Faizal Sulaiman

I’m writing this letter to tell you goodbye. I will never admit to writing this, much less ever give it to you, but this is something I need to do for myself.I’m letting go. I’m letting go of everything I thought that we would become. I’m letting go of thinking of you every single day, more than once. I’m letting go of secretly hoping that we will one day end up together. I’m letting go of waiting. I have realized once and for all that I am not meant to be with you. You know how much I cared about you, so I will not go into that in this letter. I have told you how I feel about you for years. I allowed you into the deepest part of my heart. I allowed you to know me better than I knew myself, and for that I am extremely regretful. I have learned that no girl should ever open up as far as I opened up to you. Nothing is forever, and there is no reason to be so vulnerable. I gave you parts of myslf... I put you above myself…after all, everyone says it’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. I’m not so sure though, because you hurt me in a way that I didn’t know was possible. I loved you with every single part of me. I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason. I want you to know I think you are an amazing person. I don’t blame you for the way you hurt me. I recognize that was not your intention. I know you will do great things in life, and you deserve every inch of it. I need to tell you goodbye. I have learned that the way I care about you is much deeper than your present feelings for me, and I can’t truly move on until I cut you out of my life completely. I hope you don’t take this the wrong way. This is something I have to do for me, in order to love myself again. Thank you for everything you have taught me. Bye

Truly Me,


Hah ! Confirm u all pk saya clash dengan incik lalan kan ? Jangan senyum berpuas hati lah ye.

No laa,
actually check2 email then terjumpa pula email konon-konon nak minta putus, konon-konon merajuk, konon-konon nak tunjuk terer omputih, konon-konon nak kata ucapan terakhir, konon-konon tak ada perempuan lain lagi better dari akuh, konon-konon pasrah, konon-konon nak mulekan hidup baru ;p


Tak sampai 10 minit kot, gelak2 balik. Dan sekarang saya rasa ayat kat atas ni cukup koman bab kata incik lalan, atau dalam bahasa senag difahami ialah poyo (-_-")

Setiap hubungan sure ade dugaan kan ? But now, I'm smile. Hey ! don't worry, ada jodoh tak kemana dan Allah kan ada just raise ur hand and Pray :)

With love,