(Special dedicated for my girl, sayang read this and don't be sad. U look like granny when u crying. Don't laugh ! Cuz I'm serious. Hehe)

Long distance relation means having a relationship with a person who is physically away from you. Sometimes you may even wonder if it is worth the wait.
but never give up. be strong for your relationship. Lets have some tips
on long distance relationship and how to deal with the absence of your beloved.

1) Be in regular touch with each other. Never ever let a communication gap crop up between you even for a short while. Incase you wont be in touch with him/her for some time due to some inevitable reasons, inform the person rather than keep him/her worrying and doubting.

2)Plan future dates. This way atleast you have the hope of meeting up again and it is easier counting the days left to meet up than keep someone waiting forever.

3)Exchange as many photographs as you can. This adds to a more personal touch as you get to see the person instead of mere emails and phone calls.

4)Plan a surprise visit if you can. It shows how much you care and crave to be with your beloved even if it is for a few moments.

5)Never make the mistake of not being there when your beloved needs you. You can make up for your physical absence by listening to him/her over the phone. It is very helpful to listen to your beloved's pain and assuring that everything will be fine

Hmm, this is just my opinion k sayang, and I think this is the best way for ur relationship wif him. Just calm down, he's working not dating right ?? Ala, singapore, sebelah dengan johor. Kan ? ;p

truly, Me! ♥