99 things about FATIN FASHIEKIN

001. Real name: Fatin Fashiekin Binti Anuar.
002. Nicknames: Ekin.Fatin.kakak.
003. Married: not yet.
004. Zodiac sign: Scorpio
005. Male or female: female
006. Age: 2+ ;p
007. Hobby : Shopping !
008. Work : health pharma
009. residence: Muar, Johor.
010.Hair color: black-brownish
011. Long or short hair: Long hair ! I love my hair damn much.
012. Smoke: No.
013. Drink: No.
014. Available: I guess Not.
015. Are you a health freak: sometimes I guess.
016. Height: 153 cm?
017. Do you have a crush on someone?: of coz !! ;p
018. Do you like yourself: Yes I Do! :)
019. Piercings: yeah.
020. Tattoos: None.
021. Righty or lefty: Righty

022. First surgery: None i guess.
023. First piercing: on the ears.
024. First best friend/s: kina. Fendi. Maya. Wati. Nabila :')
025. First award: I cant remember! hahaha.
027. First pet: a cat!!
028. First vacation: I cant remember! haih..
029. First concert: Singing and dancing competition when I was in 7-12 years old?
030. First crush: secret.

049. Eating: Nasi Lemak.
050. Drinking: Coffee.
052. Im about to: go for shopping! haihh..
053. Listening to: Keep Holding On by Avril.

054. Food: Malay!
055. Drinks: at this moment, I would say Soya Bean!
056. Colors: Pink+Purple!
057. Numbers: 9 and 2.

058. Want kids: yea. of course!
059. Want to get married: For sure!
060. Careers in mind:a Businesswoman perhaps?

068. Lips or eyes: Eyes.
069. Hugs or kisses: kisses.
070. Shorter or taller: Taller.
072 . Romantic or spontaneous: both!
073 . Nice stomach or nice arms: nice stomach!
074 . Sensitive or loud: sensitive.
075 . Hook-up or relationship: Relationship!
077 . Trouble maker or hesitant: both! hahaha.

078. Kissed a stranger: nope!
079. Drank bubbles: Not yet!
080. Lost glasses/contacts: Nope.
081. Ran away from home: Intended to! hahaha.. when I was 7!! what was on my mind actually?? huhuhhu.. * crazy babe!! haihh..
082. Liked someone younger: Younger? owh.. NO!
083. Older: A couple.
084 . Broken someones heart? : yea. Maybe. Im sorry. Its beyond my control. :(
085. Been arrested: hah! NO!
086. Turned someone down: Maybe.
087. Cried when someone died: yeah! of course lah!
088. Liked a friend: hhmm..yea.. I did but just for fun! hahaha.

089. In yourself: Of course! very! :))
090. Miracles: sometimes, I do.
091. Love at first sight: Yeah! I really Do! :))
092. Heaven: yeah! of course i do!
093. Santa claus: oopppsss...Not really. heheh.
094. Sex on the first date: arghhh? Not me.NO sex until you get married lah.* aiyo!!
095. the more you hate, the more you
love: It depends.
096. Angels: Not Really.

097. Is there one person you want to
be with you right now?: Yea. I miss Him like Hell!!! :(
098. Had more than one
boyfriend/girlfriend at a time?: Owh. No and Never maybe..
099. Do you believe in
God?: with all my heart ! :)