I dont know how you guys feel when u're in any shopping malll. But to me, Without knowing it. 

I SMILE ! :)

I love the smell of new Clothes, Their Striking, pastel colours, their mannequins that wearing beautiful clothes..Oh My God, If only I have money, I buy everything that they hang on the wall, buy one for each design. Uh, If only…

Why you have to be so expensive anyway?

Feeling on buying expensive apparel using your own money is like, u keep the paper bag that comes with it, the receipt and u wear it ONLY on special occasion .for me kadang2 mcm rugi je. but then we buy it anyway.


I always wonder why apparel can hit more than 1k  each .as it only a piece of cloth what, but then dah paham now. then again, no matter how expensive it is and I cant afford to buy it using my saving, they always make me happy only by looking and touch them….

Dear EVERYTHING in shopping mall,

*how I wish I can take you home,.Hang you in my closets 

*Glued the receipts in my account book. Okeh melampau kan ?

*Hang your paper bag on my mannequin

*Wear you everyday…

The truth is I know I will make you happy and no one will ever treat you like I will treat you. but, I can’t afford you at this moment..

Sigh (-_-")

With love,