when I got pregnant, I received some not so gentle advice from the older women in my life "You're going to love this baby more than your husband".

But, I didn't take it seriously,

Since our daughter was born I love my life more so much.. I love my saturday mornings, when I stay in bed and my husband cuddle our toddler...its seriously perfect view for me :) **kiss husband and my daughter**

My husband and I became parents because we want to give everything we have to our daughter, and the reward will be watching her walk down a graduation aisle, get married, have children of her own. When she makes a mistake or lets us down, it doesn't decrease the love, it makes us work harder.

Together we fell in love and made a child. Together, we fell in love with that child. As my husband says, "it's just a different kind of love completely." He calls how he feels about our daughter a complete attachment, a bond that he never saw coming and yet can't imagine being without. 

So if one day my daughter asks "Do you love me the best Mommy?" I wrap my arms around her and reassure her, "Yup, Mommy loves you more than anything else in the whole wide world."

Because I do.

And her Daddy is OK with that—because he does, too.

Always remember sayang,
Mommy and daddy love you so much!