For those who already known me since ages, by right they should know that i can be very hot-tempered person. But that is like, once a year. Some of my friends asked me how i control my patience of not being mad at other people. And saya sendiri always argue with incik lalan because he said yg saya ni selalu kena buli. Well firstly, you're wrong. I've always get angry with some random people with random things that they do. Even if it doesn't relate to me. Yeap, it's bad. But i'm sure most of us did the same, kan? but i don't usually show how i felt about those people to public. For instance : saying rude words, menjerit sekuat hati dlm kete, perli depan2, dn lain2 lah.

Previously, what i did is take a deep breath and say, Astarafirullah.. sabar fatin fashiekin, api kemarahan adalah syaitan. I'm gonna get through this. *tarik nafas lagi. But i'm just a normal person, so sometimes i can't handle things that people do. So i made my decision to call my girlfriend, kak Ain and told her everythings and crying. it works! Rasa mcm dah lepas semua. *dan bila segala masalah berlalu, kami tgelak sama-sama
But by doing all those things, i found that i still have that 'hurt' inside. You know.. you kept thinking about the people and things they did, and because you still can't forget, you tend to share the stories with your friends. N it became gossip. Which yeah, adalah tokok tambahnya.*but I'm trust kak Ain ! Sangat2. Because shes like my real sister :)

Praise to Allah, i found ways to cope with this small stuff situations. It's is so simple. Simply change the attitude of "why are they doing this?" to "what are they trying to teach me?.
It's a reminder for myself. My job is to try to determine what the people in my life are trying to teach me. Imagine that all the people that i meet is there to teach me something. Tssk. So i asked myself, what are they trying to teach me?

And last sunday, i went to megamall to buy some things. I was very thankful to have a parking near the entrance. Since it is a side parking, i drove the car a bit further so that i can make S parking. N i gave the signal lah kan, nak cop tempat tu *plus, saya kalau parking memang sangat2 bmasalah. Tk caya tny kak ani dn kk aida. Huhu. So masa tgh drive ke depan skit, there's one car terus masuk my future parking (mcm future ape je. Uhuks). So i thought maybe she didn't see me (which is obvious she could see) , so sy pandang ke belakang n said using signal language that it's my parking. She smiled and nodded smbil bg signal sorry. kinda relieved, i wait for her to move the car. But instead of moving the car, she parked the car nicely and take her handbag n quickly went into megamall. Really shocked for what happened,Then i asked myself, what does the old Chinese lady trying to teach me? I just can't think of any positive things at that moment, so i let myself to ease by finding other parking n settled the things that i wanna settle first. As i walked out from the entrance, i saw the car at the parking. Tetapi penuh dgn tahi burung, byk yg amat sgt nye. Frankly, i smiled. He saved me. Sy baru cuci kereta so kalau sy kat parking tu, kereta sy akan kotor balik. So what the old lady trying to teach me is that, to be tolerate.

I might lose the chance, but He always has a reason for not giving the chance to me as He's giving the best for every people. Allah's knows best.

Ok. Take care.
Good night :)

With love,

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